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Our Pharr roofing company carries a good name for providing excellent roofing services in and around Pharr, TX, and the Rio Grande Valley area. What helped us become the most known roofer in Pharr and surrounding towns is our continuous emphasis on total client satisfaction.

McAllen Valley Roofing Co. can provide all you need from free estimates and inspections to large-scale commercial buildings to residential houses. When you need your roof fixed or replaced, we get the job done!

Recent storms in Pharr may have severely impacted your roof. Our team of experts can help you with any storm damage repairs, regardless of their size. For a Free Storm Damage Inspection, call 956-279-8292.

Pharr TX Roof Damage?

Hail damage roof repair in PharrThese past years, we saw another season of major thunderstorms that impaired a lot of roofs in Texas, causing damage in lots of buildings. Once water may get through the defective roof, substantial damage to the remainder of the home is typically what comes afterward.

Fortunately, the majority of insurance policies insure against this sort of damage. But you have only a limited amount of time to put in the claim.

The best thing you can do is just contact us at (956) 279-8292, our specialists will take a look at your roof for a first assessment hassle-free. Our specialists are going to examine your entire roof and will find any damage and cracks for your peace of mind.

Don’t make the error in judgment to wait around getting your roof repaired. Roof damage should be treated at once before it continues to get worse.

Full Roof Replacement in Pharr TX

A roof replacement, most of the time, may be well worth the work and initial expenses. A leaky roof can cost lots of money (or maybe more) depending on how long you let leakages go. A complete roof replacement can also make sense should there be no apparent leaks.

As you can imagine, the life span of even the very best roof is not infinite – the time may come when the roof must be replaced. You may also want to keep an eye on your cooling and heating bills. You would be astonished to learn how often a flawed roof will be the explanation for higher energy bills.

What Type of Roof Do You Have?

We can take care of and restore rooftops made out of any kind of material. Look at the number of roofing materials, is your own roof among these?

We offer great warranties and outstanding know-how. All of our roofers are certified with many years of practical experience.

We will attend to all your roofing needs hassle-free: Give us a call at (956) 279-8292!

Great customer services, high quality work & material. Love my new roof! I couldn’t have picked a better roofing company.

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