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Residential Concrete Tile Roof – The Dominion

San Antonio, TX

Project Details

Project Type: Residential Concrete Tile Roof Replacement & Installlation

Roof Material: Boral® Saxony Country Slate Impact – Charcoal Blend Concrete Tile

Completion Time: 1 Month

In this project profile our team of professional roofers performed a complete tile roof replacement on a residential home located in San Antonio, TX. Texas experiences a lot of storms such as hurricanes, hail, and in some cases tornadoes. San Antonio experienced a major hail storm that devastated a lot of residential properties and when our client experienced broken tiles and broken windows throughout their home, they called McAllen Valley Roofing Co. for help.

This particular storm was so devastating that after a detailed roof assessment by one of our project managers we determined that a full roof replacement would be required. Our clients had insurance which completely covered the roof and we were able to walk them through the entire insurance claims process so they could just focus on choosing the color they wanted for their roof.

What are the benefits of installing a Boral concrete tile roof system?

 – Concrete tile roofing is not flammable, so your roof will be safe from fires. Since it is not organic, it is resistant to rot and insects.

 – In addition to being highly durable, concrete tile roofing has a much higher life expectancy than other roofing materials.

 – Concrete tile roofing is great for insulation, so your building will stay cooler in the Texas summer heat, lowering the costs of keeping your air conditioning in.

Has your home had damage from a recent hail or tropical storm that has caused rook leaks? Give us a call today for a free roof inspection!

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