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Cedar Shake Roofing Contractors

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Overview —

Top-Rated Texas Cedar Shake Roofer

Cedar Shake Roofing is a lightweight but sturdy roofing option that is eco-friendly. While it may not be the most inexpensive roofing material available, its durability makes up for that, and your house gets a rustic charm added to it.

a cedar shake roofing top with a chimney


Resists the Elements

One of the significant benefits of the Cedar Shake Roofing is that it is highly resistant to the elements. It is naturally impervious to moisture and UV rays and is less susceptible to moss growth than other roofing systems.

It can be treated to resist fire, fungus, insects, and additional protection from moss. Since it lays flat, it is also reasonably unyielding to wind.



Cedar is known to be one of the toughest types of wood in the world, making it an excellent choice for a roofing material that can last a long time. In addition to being strong and durable on its own, cedar shake roofing can also enhance the strength of the structure of your roof.

The Smart Choice


In an area like McAllen Valley, where we have extremely high temperatures in the summer, you need a rooftop that can insulate your home and keep some of that heat out while preventing your cool air from escaping. Cedar is a natural insulator, which means that it can save you money on both heating and cooling costs.

Anatomy of a Cedar Shake Roof

diagram explaining the structure of a cedar shake roof

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