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Overview —

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Clay tiles are a beautiful roofing system that has been around since 10,000 BCE in China, and it was brought to the Americas around the 17th century by European settlers. They are a wildly popular roofing style, especially in warmer climates like Texas, Florida, and California.



The clay tile roofing system typically costs two to three times more than your standard asphalt shingles, but unlike asphalt shingles, your clay tile roof will last you over 100 years. These roofs require little maintenance and do not usually require replacements. So, while you are looking at a higher cost upfront, you will save money in the long run. They are also impervious to rot and insects, so the tile will not get waterlogged and decay over time. Leaks are also highly uncommon for the clay tile roofing system.


Energy Efficient

The clay tile roofing system is energy efficient, so you will be able to keep your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer, saving you money on those costs. That alone can make the initial installation price worthwhile. Clay does not expand or contract in extreme weather, unlike some other roofing styles, which helps with its insulation properties as well as its longevity.
They are also eco-friendly, made from earth minerals instead of chemicals, and can be recycled when removed.

The Smart Choice

Resists the Elements

One of the big benefits that made clay roofing popular is that it is completely fireproof. It can also withstand hail and extreme temperatures with ease. Clay tiles are also heavy, so if those Texas winds pick up, your roof should not fly away.

Anatomy of a Tile Roof

Certified to Install the Best Clay Tile Roofing Systems

We offer clay tile roofing from Boral, MCA, and Claymex.

These manufacturers offer a wide variety of styles of tile that can give your roof a certain elegance matching styles used all over the world; you can even get a clay tiled roof that looks similar to those made in Ancient China! They offer a variety of colors of clay tile roofing, so you can find the one that best compliments your home’s color.

You can also add a roof underlayment to put between the roof and the tiles to give your roof a secondary barrier to keep water from getting into your home. We also offer a water and ice shield that helps redirect the flow of water and melting ice to your gutters; this is good for keeping water away from skylights, chimneys, vents, eaves, rakes, and valleys.

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