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Residential New Roof Installation

Practical, affordable solutions for your home’s new roof installation.

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When the day comes where you need a residential new roof installation, you can rely on the team at McAllen Valley Roofing Co. to provide you with the most practical, affordable residential roofing solutions. Whether you have been saving for years or need a new roof unexpectedly, we have a solution for every budget.

3 Reason You Need A Complete New Residential Roof Installation

Unfortunately, residential roofs are not engineered to withstand the elements for more than a few decades. Certain materials (like metal roofing), may last upwards of 50 years. However, the standard residential roof consists of roofing shingles that are only designed to last 20+ years. When the day comes where it is time to consider your residential roofing needs, McAllen Valley Roofing Co. has got you covered. Below, you will find the top three reasons a homeowner needs a complete new residential roof installation.

Aging Roof (20+ Years Old)

Regardless of the roofing material used on your roof, they will expire at some point in time. An aging roof is dangerous and needs to be replaced when the time comes in order to preserve the safety of your family.

Extent Of Damage Is Too Great

Storms and other catastrophes can easily damage your roof. When the damage is too great for a simple (or extensive) roof repair, a total roof replacement will be required in order to maintain safety in the home.

Manufacturer’s Warranty Is In Effect

In the event one or more of the roofing materials (TPO, acrylicsiliconeroofing shinglesPVC, or others) has a manufacturer’s warranty in effect, a roof replacement may be the only way to reap the benefit of the warranty. Depending on the manufacturer, some warranties are only for a few years while others can be five decades or more.

Types of Roofs Available for Homeowners

When you begin the process of a total residential roof replacement, you will find that there are many new types of roofing materials available now that may not have been available the last time you had a roof installed on your home. The team at McAllen Valley Roofing Co will be more than happy to go over all of the options available to you. Whether you have a specific taste, need to meet HOA standards, or simply want the most affordable materials, we can help you find the perfect roof for your home.

Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt roofing shingles still remain one of the most popular residential roofs on the market. They are long lasting, easy to maintain, and resilient to most of whatever Mother Nature can throw at your home.

Cool Roof Coatings

The Rio Grande Valley is known for bringing the heat each year. Acrylic and silicone coatings can help keep your home cool and may save you on your electric bill each month.


TPO stands for Thermoplastic Polyolefin, and it is one of the fastest growing roofing membranes today. This single-ply roofing membrane is most commonly used on flat roofs.

Modified Bitumen

Modified Bitumen remains one of the most trusted roofing systems for flat roofs or Built-Up-Roofs (BUR). It is asphalt based and offers five layers of protection from the elements.


PVC (or polyvinyl chloride) is a popular roofing system because it is durable and has a long lifespan. Typically lasting 20 years, PVC works well on flat or low sloped roofs.


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We understand you have many choices when it comes to who to hire for your residential new roof installation. If you are looking for the most considerate, well educated, and highly proficient roofing contractors, you will be pleased to know that McAllen Valley Roofing Co has been serving the needs of the Rio Grande Valley for decades. We offer the best installation and superior customer service that is unmatched by other companies in the area.

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