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Commercial PVC Membrane Installation – Stripes

Harlingen, TX

Project Details

Project Type: Commercial PVC Roof Membrane Installation

Roof Material: Duro-Tuff® PVC Roofing Membrane

In this project profile our team of professional roofers installed a PVC roof membrane system on a flat roof for one of the busiest Stripes locations in Harlingen, TX.

The Rio Grande Valley experiences a lot of rain, especially during the summer tropical season, and our client started getting roof leaks that started affecting their day to day. Operating a gas station means you have a lot of customers going through your doors and the last thing you want is to have them walk through puddles around your store.

One of our project managers went out to inspect their mod-bit flat roof system and proposed that instead of completely tearing off and replacing their existing roof, it would be cost efficient to convert it into a cool roof system through the use of DuroLast’s Duro-Tuff PVC membrane.

Some of the unique qualities of a PVC membrane roof system include:

  • The PVC membrane roofing system has heat-welded seams to create a watertight bond so that no water can penetrate it and make it strong and durable. Unlike many other roofing systems, the PVC membrane does not use adhesive, caulk, or tape to seal it.

  • PVC membrane roofing is resistant to several different elemental hazards. Since its seams are welded, it can be incredibly wind resistant. PVC roofs have even been known to withstand up to a Category 3 hurricane.

  • A PVC membrane roof is made from recyclable material, and it is excellent at reflecting the heat from the sun, which will save you on your cooling costs during our hot Texas summers.

Are you a commercial property owner that is experiencing problems with your current flat roof system or are looking to save on your cooling costs? Give us a call today!

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